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Knee Replacement in India

Learn how knee replacement Chennai can relieve pain and restore mobility

Full bending Knee allows kneeling and squatting.

If arthritis prevents you from enjoying a good quality of life,  knee replacement will provide permanent relief.

Which procedure is best for you?

A knee replacement is the best option for permanent pain relief when everything else has failed. Learn about other surgical procedures here.
When you have decided to go for a knee replacement, the following sections will guide you about the implants and techniques used by me.

Implants- If you hail from Asia, you will appreciate the flexibility provided by full bending knees. Women will feel more comfortable with the Gender specific knee. If  the disease is confined to one part alone, then a partial knee replacement may be sufficient.
For younger patients, I offer durable implants which last for 30-35 years eliminating the need for a revision.

Technological advances-

  • Minimally invasive (MIS) surgery - I routinely use small incisions and minimal invasive approaches.
  • Best pain control - Our pain relief techniques guarantee utmost comfort in the post operative period.
  • Smart tools like I-assistThese smart tools help to position the implant accurately. They are valuable in difficult primary knees, young patients and revision cases.

Why me?
I am focused on improving outcomes with latest techniques. I have performed knee replacements in complicated cases like patients with obesityrenal failure, inadequately treated knee fractures amd failed procedures done elsewhere. I have introduced newer implants and techniques in this region. I am able to work with you to provide a customized solution for your needs.

Plan your next step. Let us give you a new lease of pain free life. Now. Book your appointment here.


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