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Knee replacement has a high success rate in our hands. We routinely offer full bending or flexible knee. We were among the first to offer the Oxinium, gender specific & Oxford knees.

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Costs are affordable for Indian & international patients. Cost depends on the implant, accommodation and individual case.
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I have posted videos of knee operations performed and narrated by me here. As you watch these, you will get an idea of the techniques and implants that I use. Watch a recorded knee replacement video

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Learn how a knee replacement
can help relieve your pain and restore mobility

Flexible Knee replacement allows full knee bending for kneeling, squatting & prayer.

If painful  knee arthritis prevents you from enjoying a good quality of life, knee replacement will provide prompt relief. If you are fit, you can get both knees replaced in one sitting under one anesthesia. This shortens recovery time & saves money. Discounted prices are available for doing both knee in one sitting. Just send us a query.

Which knee is best for you?
A knee replacement is the best option for pain relief when everything else has failed. Learn about other surgical options that I perform here and here. When you have decided to go for a knee replacement, the following will tell you about implants and techniques that I use.


If you are from Asia or the middle east, you will appreciate the flexibility provided by flexible knees. I routinely use flexible implants.

If you are a lady, the Gender specific knee will feel more comfortable.

If the wear is restricted to one part alone, a partial knee replacement may be sufficient.

For younger patients less than 60 years, I offer durable implants. Durable implants can last for 20-25 years, thus eliminating or reducing the need for a redo /revision.


  • Minimally invasive (MIS) surgery - I routinely use small incisions and minimal invasive approaches.
  • State of the art Pain control – Our pain relief techniques guarantee utmost comfort in the post operative period.
  • I use Patient specific instrumentation, computer navigation and I-assist. These smart tools help to position the implant accurately. They are useful when you have limb deformities outside the knee (extra articular deformities).
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Post surgical holiday See Video on medical tourism & surgery abroad. Join our Joint Replacement forum to share your experience and interact with other patients. release or manipulation under anesthesia.
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About Us

Dr. A K Venkatachalam, Knee specialist India
Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon with Indian & British qualifications. He is registered with the MCI and GMC, UK. He is experienced in primary and revision knee replacement, ACL reconstruction and stem cell treatment. He practices evidence based surgery.

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