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Guest hospital, Kilpauk

Guest hospital, Kilpauk

I-Assist guided Verilast Knee replacement- Knee replacement meant to last 30 years.

Are you young and in need of a knee replacement? Do you need a knee replacement, but are scared to get one because you think it won’t last through out your life? If so take heart!.

Knee replacement in young patients can now last for thirty years, thanks to a novel combination of a smart device, ‘I-Assist’ and a durable implant known as the ‘Verilast knee’. Dr.Venkatachalam, a knee specialist in India used this combination to implant a Verilast CR knee in a young patient. “This novel combination will ensure that the perfectly aligned durable knee will last for at least thirty years, says UK and Indian board certified orthopedic surgeon Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam. He performed this novel procedure on a thirty two year old woman in Chennai, India. It is for the first time in the world that the I-Assist device was used to implant a Verilast knee.

Case report

Ms Payal, a thirty two year lady from Gujarat was suffering from a rare condition called “Avascular necrosis’ of the knee. There was extensive damage to her knee. Although she was too young for a knee replacement, the surgeon Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam had no options left. He decided to use the Verilast CR knee and the I-Assist. He had recently introduced the I-Assist device in Chennai for another patient. He was one of the first surgeons to start using the Oxinium knee replacement in India.  Earlier Dr.Venkatachalam had used computer navigation and patient specific instruments to implant Oxinium knees. This was the first time that the I-Assist tool was used to implant a Verilast knee in the world.

Verilast knee

Based on laboratory wear simulation testing, the LEGION* cruciate retaining (CR) knee system with VERILAST technology is expected to provide wear performance sufficient for 30 years of actual use under typical conditions.

VERILAST Technology uses advanced, low-friction surfaces for both sides of the knee joint, the femur bone of the thigh and the tibia bone of the lower leg.  It combines Smith & Nephew’s award-winning OXINIUM*  Oxidized Zirconium metal alloy and a “cross-linked” plastic component (XLPE), which together has been shown in laboratory testing to more than double the wear performance of the LEGION*  CR knee replacement.

OXINIUM Oxidized Zirconium is a tough, smooth metal with a ceramic surface 4,900 times more abrasion resistant and 20 percent lighter than the cobalt chrome metal used in other implants.

  • The ceramic surface is created through a manufacturing process where oxygen is naturally diffused into the zirconium metal as it is heated in air. The original metal surface is literally transformed into a ceramic; it is not an externally applied coating
  • With no detectable amounts of nickel, the metal most associated with allergies, OXINIUM is a biocompatible material for implants.
  • This proprietary material has been used in more than 250,000 knee implants.

Research Shows Unprecedented Reduction in Wear

In laboratory testing, the LEGION CR knee with VERILAST Technology was compared against a similar knee made from conventional materials (cobalt chrome and standard plastic).  The results showed that:

  • After five million cycles, or simulated steps, the LEGION CR knee reduced 98 percent of the wear experienced by the knee made with traditional implant materials.
  • When the knee with VERILAST Technology kept “walking” out to 45 million cycles, it reduced 81 percent of the wear experienced by the conventional knee implant that was stopped after the first five million cycles.  45 million cycles is equivalent to about 30 years of physical activity.

I-Assist smart tool

‘I-Assist’ is a smart tool designed to improve the accuracy of a total knee replacement. It assists the surgeon in aligning knee implants to each person’s unique anatomy. The outcome is very predictable as perfect alignment is achieved intra operatively.

How it works:

It uses electronic components in a palm sized device. With the I-Assist, the surgeon can align and validate implant positioning during total knee replacement.

Which type of knee replacement patients’ benefit most from this technology?


It is of great value primarily to young patients undergoing total knee replacement. The durability of a knee replacement is dependent upon the alignment. As younger patients will survive longer after a knee replacement, it is crucial to get the first knee replacement perfectly aligned.  This will reduce the need for a redo or revision knee replacement. Revision operations are difficult and expensive.
A sizeable number of young patients have additional complications in the leg that make a knee replacement difficult. Patients from Asia and Africa present with malunited thigh and leg fractures secondary to a previous accident. They have developed post traumatic knee arthritis as a result of these accidents. Bony deformities within the knee and outside preclude use of all previous modes of instrumentation.

The ‘I-Assist’ system is the only system that allows accurate alignment in these complicated and difficult cases.

In summary, a pedigree knee implant, the ‘Verilast knee’ and state of the art navigational tool, ‘I-Assist’ can guarantee a durable and successful outcome of a knee replacement in India.

About the author:

Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam specializes in joint replacements and key hole surgery. He has performed knee replacement in several patients with durable materials and advanced techniques. This is the first time that the I-Assist smart tool and the Verilast knee have been used together.

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This young lady patient from Gujarat, India got a durable Oxinium knee implanted under the guidance of the ‘I-ASSIST” smart tool. It was a marriage of latest navigation technology and durable implants. The result should invevitably be a very durable knee replacement.
If you are young or middle aged, then this combination is of great value to you.
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If you need a knee replacement to last you for a long time, this might be of value.

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Do you want a perfectly aligned knee replacement that will serve you for a long time? The I-Assist smart tool assists the surgeon in positioning a knee replacement accurately in your knee. The benefit is a durable knee replacement. See more in this presentation.

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Have you damaged your knee in a major accident? Knee injuries in young patients are often accompanied by poor skin and soft tissues. This makes knee reconstruction difficult.  In this picture, the skin of the leg has been expanded to replace the visible scarred area below the knee. This will allow this young patient to go on and get a safe total knee replacement in the future. Visit for more information.


Skin expansion below knee

Skin expansion below knee

Listen to this interview of Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam with Health Care elsewhere. Dr.Venkat provides durable knee, hip replacements and stem cell treatment.

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Cost of knee replacement surgery in Chennai. This is the uppermost thought among all patients. Listen to this patient narrate her experience. Her quality of life has dramatically improved after she got her knee replacement done by Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam. Her son recommends the doctor for his affordablity, professionalism and effciency. Visit

Cost of Knee replacement in Chennai- Dr.A.K… by akvenkat

Listen to a South Indian patient narrate her knee replacement surgery experience. She is highly pleased with the surgery performed by Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam.

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