Are you looking for a new treatment option for your knee pain? If you are young or middle age biological treatment can repair the damage. You may be able to postpone a knee replacement and even avoid a second revision knee replacement. The ideal candidate for this procedure is a

  • Young patient
  • Has local cartilage damage
  • Ligaments and menisci are intact
  • There is no mal alignment

I wish to emphasize that this treatment is not suited for the elderly patient with primary osteo-arthritis. Only young and middle aged patients are suitable.
See this Maldivian patient’s testimonial here.  He underwent a two stage cartilage regenerative procedure in Chennai about three months back.  He was unable to get this procedure in other countries.

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Knee replacement surgery Chennai is performed in comfortable rooms in the super speciality hospital. It has all amenities like attendant’s couch, soothing decor and is economically priced for all budgets.  Visit

Knee replacement hospital room

Knee replacement hospital room Chennai

Knee replacement surgery in Chennai- Patient story at 2 years.

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Knee Replacement surgery Chennai- surgery, recovery, pain

Do you need a knee replacement? Understand more about the surgery, recovery, pain in this discussion. Watch a patient narrate her experience.

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Knee injuries after major knee accident- Patient testimonial. An Indian patient narrates his experience.  He considers the treatment that he received from Dr.Venkatachalam as top class.

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Frequently many young people need a knee replacement. This presentation gives the required information to make a decision.

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Anterior cruciate ligament injuries Chennai

Anterior cruciate ligament

Anterior cruciate ligament injuries Chennai by ALAMPALLAM VENKATACHALAM

Anterior cruciate ligament injuries Chennai are common. The common causes are sports injuries, two wheeler accidents and domestic falls.  There is immediate swelling and pain. If you have injured your knee, then this presentation will guide you. Untreated Anterior cruciate ligament injuries can lead to knee instability. This may result in damage to the cartilage and result in early osteo-arthritis.

This presentation outlines the features of this knee injury. It also has videos of patients that underwent ACL reconstruction by Dr.Venkat.

He performs arthroscopic trans portal anatomical ACL reconstruction with hamstring tendons. See a video of this procedure is done by Dr.Venkatachalam  here.

Read more about this condition ACL injuries in our website

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Get knee replacement surgery at affordable cost in Chennai. UK trained Orthopedic surgeon provides full bending knee replacement at affordable cost. More information can be obtained from the cost section of the website, .

full bending knee replacement

Hi flexion knee replacement

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