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Do you suffer from knee arthritis in young age? It is increasingly common to see young people suffering from knee arthritis.  This has resulted from sports injuries or accidents. These injuries may sideline sports careers, impair mobility and cause lot of pain. In India, lot of patients in their forties and fifties often need knee replacement.  There is Good news! Surgery using latest materials and  technology like the I-Assist can provide durability.

Until recently the typical patient for a knee replacement was an elderly patient. Increasingly large number of young patients, are now seeking an end to pain and stiffness by total knee replacement. To quote some figures, 27 percent of TKR recipients are between 18 and 64 years.  Many orthopedic surgeons are reluctant to offer a knee replacement. They tell their patients to endure pain and try to postpone surgery for as long as possible. The reason for this pessimism is that historically, knee replacements had poor results in young patients. Normally a knee implant is expected to survive for 10 to 15 years and hence surgeons are reluctant to place them in younger patients as they are bound to outlive their implants.  Now a combination of smart tools and durable implants shown below can give a durable outcome. I was the first surgeon to introduce the extremely durable Oxinium knee in Chennai in 2008. Since then I have introduced the Oxinium Journey knee, Visionaire technology and the Verilast knee. I was the first surgeon in the world to do a I -Assist guided Verilast knee replacement.

Custom fit instruments

Custom fit knee replacement

Custom fit knee replacement

Oxinium knee

Ceramic Oxinium knee Replacement

Ceramic oxinium knee replacement

Better materials & Custom fit technology

Newer materials and technology have changed the bleak outlook. The biggest advance was the availability of newer materials like Oxinium, cross linked plastic, polished titanium tibial trays, vitamin E. Recent introduction of custom fit knee replacement and I-Assist smart tool technology has boosted the success further.

Advantages of Zirconium knees

The significant advantage of oxinium (oxidized zirconium) is that it is considerably harder. On testing it lasts 85 times longer in tests that simulate the stresses inside the actual knee.Additional advantages are scratch resistance. When it is wet, ceramic can glide smoothly along plastic, making for smoother motion than with metal-on-plastic. As a result, the  Ceramic Oxinium total knee replacement will not generate the quantity of plastic wear debris that cobalt chrome will, and the implants should last considerably longer.

Zirconium is one of the six most biocompatible elements know to man. So will be tolerated by your immune system.
Lastly, patients who are allergic to nickel, the metal most often used in the current implants, cannot currently receive total knee replacements. The ceramic implant, however, can be implanted safely in patients with nickel allergy, since it contains a zirconium alloy with no nickel. Implants made of Oxinium have been implanted in larger number of patients in the UK Australia and the US with great success.

Who would benefit most from an Oxinium total knee replacement?   

Three categories of patients have been identified as the “best” candidates for an Oxinium total knee replacement.

1) “Younger” patients: Because Oxinium knee implants offer significantly less wear compared to cobalt chrome implants, they are expected to last considerably longer. In the past, orthopedic surgeons have advised patients less than 65 years of age to wait to have knee replacement surgery because the life span of the cobalt chrome knee implants is only 10-15 years. Now, surgeons have a viable option for a younger patient who previously would not be a candidate for a total knee replacement because the Oxinium knee implants should last much longer. Therefore, a patient under the age of 65 who has advanced arthritis of the knee no longer has to suffer for years until he reaches an appropriate age for total knee replacement surgery.

2)”Active” patients: Patients, who desire to return to an active lifestyle, including sports, dancing, gardening, or other strenuous activities, may also benefit from an Oxinium knee replacement. As a result of their high activity level, this patient population will put more “wear and tear” on their knee replacement, which can cause the implants to wear more quickly. An Oxinium knee is better able to tolerate this high activity level and last longer that the traditional cobalt chrome knee.

3) Metal allergy patients: Because Oxinium is one of the most biocompatible materials known to man, it is the only choice for patients who exhibit metal allergies. Patients who have needed total knee replacement surgery, but could not tolerate the cobalt chrome implants due to their nickel content, can now have the surgery they need to return to an active lifestyle without the fear of an allergic reaction.

In south India, the Genesis & Journey knees in Oxinium were introduced by me in November 2008.

Case studies –

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So if you are young and need a knee replacement, just mail us drvenkat@kneeindia.com and we will give you a quick appointment.


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