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Do you have a painful  knee in middle age ? A high tibial osteotomy Chennai will preserve your knee and relieve pain. 

The chief advantage of a high tibial osteotomy is that no prosthesis is used. Thus, patients can continue to use their natural knee by ten years. In later years if a knee replacement is needed, an osteotomy can be converted to a knee replacement. It is a good operation for active people with bow legs and knee pain. Bow legged people are prone to develop secondary osteoarthritis.

Who are the right people ?

  • the patient must not be obese,
  • have a good range of motion,
  • the ligaments should be intact and
  • there should be no lateral subluxation of the tibia.

Alternative to knee replacement

This is an alternate to TKR in the middle aged patient. It postpones the need for a knee replacement by at least 10 years.

I perform an Opening wedge high tibial osteotomy Chennai.
In this procedure I jack open the inner half of the top of the tibia and put in a plate and bone graft to straighten the tibia.

Result-It corrects mal-alignment and relieves pain.

Post op
The patient will have to remain non weight bearing for a short period of 3 months till the osteotomy has healed. With some newer implant, immediate weight bearing is allowed.

Benefit– You will get pain relief lasting upto ten years. If you are in your fifties, you can postpone your knee replacement by ten years.
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